The Dangers of Mould in Your Home

  When people think about Mould (Mold), many of us feel that it is fairly non problematic. Mould after all is found everywhere in nature, in fact we would not have life the way we have it without mold as it helps decompose organic material. We would be living under piles of organic material such as trees and plants like cockroac... More

Cigarette Smoke Odour Removal, It CAN Be Done Successfully!

If you ask most people what the most obnoxious and disgusting odour is to them, most will say old stale tobacco. It gets into EVERYTHING, and if you are in the room long enough it gets on you as well. For this reason most smokers don't smoke in their homes because it ruins the smell of the home and the tar and nicotine in cigarette ... More

Exploring The Uses Of Ozone and How It Can Work For You

Considering Using Ozone For Odour Removal? Everyone's heard about that the ozone layer within our middle atmosphere protects the earth from unsafe ultra-violet rays. Ozone is created in electrical storms by bolts of lightning - that’s why it smells so fresh during and after a heavy storm. It’s also used in the cleaning and restoration ... More

London Trauma Scene Cleaning Experts

London Extreme Clean is the one stop shop for anything related to dangerous or bio hazardous substance removal. We do what most companies can't or wont. Our team of experienced, skilled and certified technicians and crime scene cleaners can handle anything that can occur in this field. Whether it is a post mortem cleaning, Biohazard ... More