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With Water Damage or Flood Damage, it is defined by several different categories. Sewer backups are considered the most sever and dangerous. Sewage backups create a severe bio-hazard and are hazardous to your health.

Time is of the essence with sewer backups as the longer the contamination exists, the higher the level of bacterial growth and pathogen proliferation. In addition to the obvious health implications, sewage back flow will cause a major loss to your property and it’s structural safety. Harmful waste byproducts and pathogenic organisms are now introduced to your home.

When a sewer backup occurs, an immediate response is mandatory to mitigate cleanup costs and of course health hazards. If a Sewage backup is not cleaned and sanitized properly by disinfecting the surfaces and structures properly, your cost of repairs will skyrocket and there is a huge risk to the health and well-being to the occupants.


sewer backup London



London Extreme Clean are specialists in proper handling of a sewage backup. We follow IICRC standards and are available 24/7 to quickly arrive and react to your problems immediately.


Our Local Ottawa Team Upon Arrival Will:

  • Assess the extent of sewage damage
  • Contain the area
  • Block off air vents in the affected areas
  • Set Up Critical Barriers and Place the Areas Under Negative Air Pressure
  • Perform sewage removal and/or sewage water extraction
  • Disinfect The Area and Structure as Well as Execute Odour Removal and Countermeasures
  • Air scrubbers will also be used to purify the air and lower the bacterial count
  • Mold and Mildew Control Measures Will Be Performed
  • Drying and Dehumidifying Equipment Will be Installed
  • Once the Disinfection and Cleanup has Been Completed, We Can Rebuild the Area as Required

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State of the Art Equipment and Service

We use cutting-edge thermal imaging cameras in order to determine how far and exactly where the sewage has permeated.

London Extreme Clean works with certified plumbers that will arrive with us to ensure the backup is stopped and to allow you to use the other required facilities (washrooms, showers) on the property.

London Extreme Clean Services the greater London Area including, St-Thomas, Sarnia, Woodstock, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Port Stanley, Tillsonburg, Aylmer, Grand Bend, Petrolia, Stratford.  We Specialize in Sewage Backup Cleanup and Water Damage Restoration and we are able to arrive on an emergency site on average of 1 hour. Our teams are in all major areas to enable a fast and immediate response, year-round 24/7.

Call now and speak to our certified specialists for assistance, and to arrange the dispatching of a team to your emergency situation.

Ottawa Extreme Clean deals with water damage, Sewage Backups, wet basements, water extraction and wet carpets in residential and commercial properties every day.

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